Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here they are! I still have some to put up and a couple of videos so check the blog again soon! THEY ARE MARRIED!!!
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Collision sends man to hospital

Yesterday Katie, Connor, Garrett, Abby, and Katie's friend Kristin got in a horrible car wreck right by the mall in St. George. Here is the newspaper report.

ST. GEORGE- A male driver was transported to Dixie Regional Medical Center on Tuesday following a head-on collision that damaged three cars at the intersection of Red Cliffs and Mall drives.

The man was driving a white Honda Civic east on Red Cliffs Drive when his car collided with a gray Ford Focus driven by Katie Sullivan, of Cedar City.

The westbound Focus was turning left onto Mall Drive from Red Cliffs.

"I was in the turning lane, and the light turned yellow, " Sullivan said. "I saw the white car ... I guess it sped up to beat the red light."

Officer Tyrell Bangerter said no citations have been issued in the accident.

"It's still under investigation until I can talk to the other driver." he said

Bangerter said he would take measurments of the skid marks to help determine what happened.

"I've got the scene marked with orange paint, but where it (traffic) is kind of busy right now, I'll wait until it kind of dies down" he said.

Sullivan, her friend and three cousins from Salt Lake City were on their way to the Red Cliffs Mall after spending the after spending the afternoon at Sand Hollow Reservoir.

"The guy in the other car- he hit his head, ...He was bleeding a little bit from a cut," Kristen Marchant, one of Sullivan's passengers said.

"I saw the airbags go off and that;s all I remember," said Abigail Chamberlain.

Connor Peck said he burned his bare feet on the pavement after getting out of the car, but that no one in the Focus was seriously injured beyond "seltbelt burn."

Becky Richards, of St. George, said she was in line behind the Focus at the stoplight and that her car sustained scratches in the accident.

"SOme debris hit our hood. It's like his (the white car's) toolbox exploded," she said. "All of sudden you saw her (Sullivan go through the light and then all of a sudden there were two spinning vehicles."

It was a scary, scary accident! But thank goodness everyone is ok. Katie is at the doctors right now because of her foot.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chelsea's Bridal Shower in Cedar!!!

Chelsea had a bridal shower in Cedar for all her friends and neighbors. It was really fun!!!!! It was a open house so it was like 4 hours long and people just came when they wanted to come. She got some cute gifts!!! I didn't take lots of pictures! SORRY!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

24th Party!!

We had a great time at the Peck 24th Party! We played water games, ate, and of course had a watermelon contest. i filmed the eating contest but for some reason my laptop won't let me do it so when I am on my home computer I will upload the video. It's pretty fun! Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July Fun!

This 4th of July was really fun. Mom, Dad, Cassie, Chelsea, and Davis went to the parade in the morning which was pretty fun. Then Davis and Chelsea went to Denny's to eat while the rest of the crew came home and we rested and watch mostly T.V. When they got back from eating we went to a B.B.Q and eat some really yummy food! They have a pool in their backyard and Jaxon, Cassie, some girls (Alex's friends), and Davis swam in the pool and played vollyball, colors, etc. Chelsea was going to get in with us but it started to rain! So she didn't! After, we went home and I played games with Jaxon and then it was time to watch the fireworks!!!! They were pretty good! Utah Summer games were better (I think). Here's some picture that I took! EnJoY~